Evan Lane

I'm a 23 year old Canadian from Prince Edward Island. I am currently studying Applied Communication Leadership and Culture at the University of Prince Edward Island. I'd previously graduated from Holland College with a diploma in Computer Networking Technology, and worked in Information Technology across various industries for the past 5 years.

I am also a musician, multimedia artist and writer. I'm an idealist and am always trying to crack jokes, which I hope translates to some of my more abstract and creative work. This website contains my various works, and you'll find some of my major projects listed below.

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Project: HardlyNerding.

I started having the idea to do my own podcasts and content with HardlyNerding based on Table Top Role Playing Games and more or less all things nerdy. This project started growing and has been a bit all over the place. I plan to reevaluate HardlyNerding sometime over 2020.

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WhyStream was another project I started on the hopes of documenting a lot of the knowledge I had gained from YouTubing in the late 2000s. I've always been interested in Video content creation and indie filmmaking.

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Project: EvanLane.Me.

Part of my program at the University of Prince Edward Island is to create a portfolio showcasing our accomplishments. As I enjoy playing with Web Development I thought EvanLane.Me would be a fun way to showcase this.

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